Resources: Archives, Symposia and other Information

Then and Now: Japanese Women Photographers’ Books
Russet Lederman
Departing from Socialist Realism: April Photo Society, 1979-1981
Shuxia Chen
Lineage and Legitimacy: Exploring Royal-Familial Photographic Triads in Cambodia
Joanna Wolfarth
Photography as a State Apparatus: Resident Registration Card Photography in South Korea
Lee Young June
Iconology in Transcultural Photography
Ajay Sinha
The Cultural Revolution through the Prism of Vernacular Photography
Marine Cabos
Book Reviews
Review of Liminalities of Gender and Sexuality in Nineteenth Century Iranian Photography: Desirous Bodies, by Staci Gem Scheiwiller
Mariam Rahmani
Review of The Arab Imago: A Social History of Portrait Photography, 1860-1910, by Stephen Sheehi
Nancy Micklewright
Review of Portraiture and Early Studio Photography in China and Japan, ed. by Luke Gartlan and Roberta Wue
Stephen Sheehi