The Trans-Asia Photography Review welcomes the submission of articles and proposals for curatorial projects on all aspects of photography in Asia. Articles may be based on research in any discipline, on interdisciplinary research, or on personal investigations. We are also interested in essays that have been translated into English from an Asian language. Each article or curatorial proposal will be sent out to two peer reviewers with relevant expertise, using a "blind" peer review process, in which neither author nor reviewer know each other's identity. The expected length of time between submission of a proposal and publication of a finished, peer reviewed article is 9 months. The TAP Review does not charge any fees to authors for submission, processing or publication.

The Trans-Asia Photography Review does not publish articles that have been published elsewhere in English, or send articles out for review that are under consideration elsewhere.

Once an article or curatorial project is accepted for publication, the author/curator will be asked to sign an Author Agreement. Authors retain copyright, and are responsible for clearing all picture permissions. We offer a standard Picture Permission form for authors to use, and require that authors provide documentation of all permissions for our files. No picture can be published without documentation of appropriate permission to publish it on the worldwide web, unless that picture is already in the public domain.

Article Guidelines:

Articles should be submitted in English in a standard word-processing application. Length of the paper is up to the author, but writing should be clear and accessible. All text should be double-spaced, including endnotes and quotations. Writing should follow a standard style guide, such as the Chicago Manual of Style. The Editors are available to consult with authors about style and content. Please prepare the paper for blind refereeing by removing personal references. Save your paper in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format.

At the time of submission, images should be embedded at a low resolution in the paper. If the article is accepted for publication, separate image files will be requested.

Curatorial Proposals:

Curatorial proposals should include a curator's statement, a brief curator's bio, and 6-12 representative thumbnail images. Curators are responsible for clearing all picture permissions.

Book and Exhibition Reviews:

If you would like to have a book considered for review, or are interested in reviewing a book, please contact the Editor.

Peer Reviewing:

If you are interested in serving as a peer reviewer, please contact the Editor and indicate your areas of expertise.

Other Resources

TAP Review Author Agreement Form
Photo Permission Form