Resources: Archives, Symposia and other Information

The Odyssey of an Amateur Chinese Photographer: Nostalgia, War, and Exile in the Work of Jin Shisheng
Qiuzi Guo
Blood Wood
Jean Loh
Landscape Photography, Infrastructure, and Armed Conflict in a Chinese Travel Anthology from 1935: The Case of Dongnan Lansheng
Juliane Noth

Rerouting the Modernist Visions of Horino Masao: Territorial Photography, Mass Amateurism, and Imperial Tourism

Shota T. Ogawa
Abby Robinson
Following the Box: Exploring an Archive of Anonymous Photographs from India
Alan Teller and Jerri Zbiral
Book Reviews
Review of Tong Bingxue, History of Photo Studios in China, 1859–1956 中国照相馆史
Wu Yao
Review of Zhuang Wubin, Photography in Southeast Asia: A Survey
Carlos Quijon, Jr.